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Found 73 results

  1. Cursed Cases: Murder at the Maybard Estate Collector's Edition Every family has its secrets...Investgiate as the head of the Maybard family has been murdered! Emmett Maybard has been murdered in his sprawling mansion, and it looks like he's not the only family member the killer's after! News of your supernatural abilities has spread, and you've been called in to investigate the case. Can you uncover the murderer before it's too late, or will you be next? Find out in this spine-tingling hidden object puzzle adventure! Features Develop your investigative powers in the bonus chapter! Consult the helpful strategy guide. Test your skills with challenging Match-3 gameplay. Uncover helpful case file cards for your collection. Enjoy concept art, wallpapers, soundtrack, and more! ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/cursed-cases-murder-at-the-maybard-estate-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  2. Dark Parables: The Swan Princess and The Dire Tree Collector's Edition Cracks are covering the kingdom! A thief has stolen magic that is key to keeping the balance! Strange cracks are covering Dire Island, home of the Swan Kingdom, but then an unknown thief steals the magical seed that holds the key to keeping all of nature in balance! Can you catch the culprit and save the kingdom before it crumbles? Find out in this breathtaking hidden-object puzzle adventure! Features Play as the Swan Princess in the bonus chapter! Unlock secret myths and parables by finding souvenirs and earning achievements. Replay your favorite puzzles and mini-games. Remember your journey with original artwork, videos, and soundtrack. Access the helpful strategy guide. ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/dark-parables-the-swan-princess-and-the-dire-tree-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  3. Incredible Dracula: The Ice Kingdom Stop the Ice Queen from turning the world into a giant snowball! Have fun at subzero temperatures! Join Dracula on his most "chilling" adventure yet as he tries to stop the Ice Queen from turning the world into a giant snowball! The queen wants to rule the world, but first, she has to make it more hospitable for her frosty disposition. You must guide the world-famous fanged one as he follows the trail of icebergs, glaciers and snow zombies the queen leaves behind on her wintry quest. Your goal will be to fight fire with fire, or rather, vanity with a vanity, as it were. If you can assemble the scattered pieces of the Snow Mirror, the Ice Queen will be drawn to gaze at her beauty and be trapped in the mirror forever. To find the pieces of the mirror and overcome the Ice Queen, you must usher Dracula across his vast kingdom. Using the resources you gather and produce, you'll complete quests for magical creatures, rebuild frozen settlements and race against the timer to earn awards! It's the most fun you can have at subzero temperatures! Features Exciting, adventurous story Fun-filled, addictive gameplay Eye-popping, colorful visuals Normal, Casual and untimed modes A step-by-step tutorial ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/incredible-dracula-the-ice-kingdom ภาพตัวอย่างเกม ืิ
  4. Christmas Stories: The Gift of the Magi Collector's Edition Help your little sister get a second chance this Christmas after she gets on the naughty list Everybody knows that Santa gives presents to nice children, but who visits the naughty ones? After your sister does something bad, Berta the evil Christmas spirit and her mean elves take her away. The only way to save her is by performing good deeds and helping make the holiday season more cheerful for others. With the help of Jack Frost, can you save the holidays before it’s too late? Features - Perform three good deeds to save Christmas for three families! - While the mice are away, the cats play at the Cat Ball in the bonus chapter! - Replay mini-games, HOPs, and check out the collectibles! - Never get stuck with the included strategy guide. ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/christmas-stories-the-gift-of-the-magi-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  5. Yuletide Legends: The Brothers Claus Collector's Edition Xmas is in danger! Can you save the it before it's too late? Help Santa prepare for his big night Christmas is coming! As an elf, it's up to you to help Santa prepare for his big night. But what starts as simple task to find presents quickly takes a dark turn when evil forces start taking over the North Pole! With Santa missing, do you have what it takes to save the holidays? Find out in this enchanting hidden-object puzzle adventure! Features It's up to Mrs. Claus to solve a Christmas mystery in the bonus game! Find morphing objects and earn special achievements. Uncover missing jigsaw pieces and solve Christmas-themed puzzles. Find hidden crystal bulbs to unlock collectible Christmas gifts. Includes a developer diary, wallpapers, concept art, soundtrack, and a special match-3 game with seven stages to complete! ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/yuletide-legends-the-brothers-claus-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  6. Spirit of Revenge: Florry's Well Collector's Edition Revenge is a powerful motive. But can you stop a vengeful spirit's revnge before it's too late? An old friend recently purchased a haunted pub. What was once a friendly ghost has started attacking the pub's patrons! It's up to you to find out what’s plaguing this restless spirit. Can you help your friend in time, or will you fall prey to this vengeful spirit? Find out in this haunting hidden-object puzzle adventure! Features Confront a new vengeful spirit in the Bonus Chapter! Can you find all of the morphing items? Enjoy music, video clips, and more! Includes a comprehensive strategy guide. ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/spirit-of-revenge-florrys-well-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  7. Lost Artifacts: Time Machine Collector's Edition A mysterious villain is using a time machine to destroy everything! Help to fix the time paradoxes! Go on a journey across a world full of extinct creatures and fantastic technologies in the exciting casual strategy Lost Artifacts. Many varied quests, over 50 levels, a fun storyline, simple and exciting gameplay, and a fantasy world – all this awaits you right now! Create portals, restore epic buildings, seek out extinct animals, overcome challenges and manage resources. Simple controls and a clear tutorial will help you easily learn the basics of the game. Lost Artifacts – Fix time paradoxes!! Features A world full of extinct creatures and fantasy technologies – energy generators, portals and the Sands of Time will help you find and stop the villains! A fun plot, colorful comics and memorable characters! A multitude of varied quests that you've never seen before. Over 40 unique levels. Dangerous enemies: Skeletons, mammoths, krakens, drones and dinosaurs. 4 inimitable locations: rocky mountains, endless deserts, impassible jungles and valleys of eternal snow. Useful bonuses: speed up time, stop time, run fast. Simple controls and an easy to understand tutorial. More than 20 hours of exciting gameplay for any age. Nice themed music. ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/lost-artifacts---time-machine-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  8. Dark Dimensions: Blade Master Collector's Edition That's no parlor trick! Can you defeat the mysterious Blade Master and save the town of New Auburn? It's your one year anniversary. What starts as a fun show to celebrate the occasion quickly takes a deadly turn. Only you can save the town of New Auburn from the Dark Dimensions. Can you uncover the mystery of the Blade Master before it's too late? Find out in this gripping hidden object puzzle adventure! Features Learn the truth behind Old Auburn in the bonus game! Meet the game's canine designer in the humorous Dev Diary! Find collectible pieces to solve a bonus jigsaw puzzle. Never get lost again with the included strategy guide! ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/dark-dimensions-blade-master-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  9. Surface: Lost Tales Collector's Edition Is anyone as they appear? The Huntsman is after you, becuase not all fairy tales are just stories You’ve been seeing things that can’t possibly be real. What starts as a simple doctor’s visit turns into the chase of a lifetime! The Huntsman is after you and Fairyland’s in danger. With only fragments of your memory, can you save the kingdom before it’s too late? Find out in this breathtaking hidden-object puzzle adventure! Features Learn the truth about Hansel, Gretel, and the witch in the bonus chapter. Find cool morphing collectible figures. Discover hidden flowers in every scene. Earn exciting achievements! Treasure stunning wallpapers, soundtrack, and concept art. ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/surface-lost-tales-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  10. 12 Labours of Hercules VIII: How I Met Megara Collector's Edition Help Hercules as he attempts to find a girl & have a chance to get on Megara's good side Hercules meets a sobbing young lady on the shore. She tells him a story of her younger sister, who just has been kidnapped by the evil Cretans, as well as her cat. Bragging warriors leave a clue. Now, Hercules has to travel in attempt to find the girl, and maybe have a chance to get on Megara’s good side. Features More depth with sub-levels Romance & cute kittens See how Hercules looked before becoming a Hero Easy to learn, hard to master: many ways to complete a level Mummies & Pyramids ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/game-12-labours-of-hercules-viii-how-i-met-megara-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  11. Chimeras: Cursed and Forgotten Collector's Edition Mysteries are in your family's history and You're off to Scotland to learn more about your heritage. You're off to Scotland to learn more about your heritage. What starts as a relaxing vacation quickly turns into a journey through time! Your ancestor has been kidnapped by a bandit. It's up to you to save her! But not everything is as it seems in this magical world. Will you be able to help the county before it's too late? Find out in this riveting hidden object puzzle adventure! Features The past comes back to haunt you in the bonus game! Find morphing objects and earn achievements Collect puzzle pieces and gain access to the Secret Room Relive your journey through screensavers, music, art, and more! Try the integrated Strategy Guide ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/chimeras-cursed-and-forgotten-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  12. Spirits of Mystery: Family Lies Collector's Edition Every family has secrets. Will yours be your downfall? The kingdom's being invaded by an unknown foe and his pernicious plants. As the princess, it's up to you to discover the truth and save your family. Do you have what it takes to win this blossom-filled battle? Find out in this intoxicating hidden-object puzzle adventure! Features Untangle the web of passion and jealousy destroying your royal family! Earn achievements and uncover hidden pearls. Enjoy an original soundtrack, videos, and wallpapers. Replay your favorite mini-games and HOPs. Access the helpful strategy guide ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/spirits-of-mystery-family-lies-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  13. Kids of Hellas: Back to Olympus Collector's Edition Hades and Ate made Zeus forget his children who fell to earth. Help the kids go back home to Olympus Propelled by envy at his brother, Hades instigates the sorceress Ate exiled from Olympus to cast a wicked spell. As a result, Zeus' children fall down from the heavens, and the Thunderer forgets about their existence. Will the kids survive on the earth without food and essentials? Will they manage to rally and to show their courage for finding a way back to Olympus as well as fulfillment in their life? During their journey the heroes will need arrange the Olympic Games, visit the underworld being Hades' domain, go through snow lands inhabited by minotaurs and, what is more, they will be swallowed by the terrible sea monster Charybdis. The Collector’s Edition of the game enables you to immerse yourself to the world of dreams and nightmares for fighting against the dark side of Ate. Make no delay to go off a journey through Ancient Greece right now! The fate of Hellas' children is in your hands! Features - Amazing strategy game from the creators of “12 Labours of Hercules” - Fascinating world of ancient Greek myths and epic adventures - Interesting characters and exciting story - Stunning full HD graphics - Special challenges for skilled players on difficult mode - Puzzles and bonus levels for the attentive players ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/kids-of-hellas-back-to-olympus-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  14. Endless Fables: The Minotaur's Curse Collector's Edition The legend of the Minotaur has long been a closed book, but what if it didn’t happen the way scholars claim? At an academic lecture hosted by your friend, a hooded man refutes the accepted lore, announcing that the Minotaur is still alive and well in his labyrinth, waiting patiently to be reborn. Only the descendent of Ariadne can stop him... which just happens to be you! Set out on a journey of mythical proportions to stop the resurrection and save seven innocent souls in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Features Brave a hidden island in search of the fabled Pegasus in the bonus game! Find morphing flowers and catch hidden butterflies Earn achievements passed down from the gods Includes wallpapers, soundtrack, cut scenes, concept art, and more! Replay the HOPs and mini-games to your heart's content! ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/endless-fables-the-minotaurs-curse-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  15. Fear for Sale: The House on Black River Collector's Edition While investigating the ranch of a recluse artist, your colleague disappeared! You've been called in to find him, but this isn't your average rodeo. Things take a dark turn when the past and the present collide. Can you discover what secrets the ranch holds before it's too late? Find hidden objects and complete puzzles to help along the way. Features Learn the truth about the Spencer family in the bonus chapter. Collectibles items in every scene! Spot morphing objects throughout the game as well. Earn achievements to show off your skills. Explore beautiful wallpapers, concept art, and the soundtrack. ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/fear-for-sale-the-house-on-black-river-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  16. Amber's Airlines: High Hopes From the makers of Delicious, Fabulous and Heart's Medicine, comes a brand new time management adventure that will make your heart soar! Meet Amber Hope, aspiring stewardess for Snuggford Airlines. Amber has dreamed of flying to exotic destinations around the world since she was a girl. But before she can join the elite crew of air hostesses, she'll need to pass her exams. That's not going to be easy, and she'll need your help. Amber's life seems wonderful. She shares her apartment with her pet fish, Sushi. She loves her job and dreams of the day she'll be on an airplane, a full-fledged cabin attendant assisting travellers. The possibilities are endless - "the sky is the limit" as they say. But appearances can be deceiving… Everything is overshadowed by what happened in her childhood and she can't escape her past. Her lingering guilt and fear are holding her back from achieving the very thing she is trying to achieve. When her plane crashes, Amber is forced to face her fears. As you've heard time and again during safety demonstrations, Amber will have to help herself before she can help others. Is she up to the task? Share the highs and lows of Amber's life. Be there for her and help her ascend to the highest heights! Features Be transported by a truly wonderful story of love and loss Fly through 60 travel-themed levels, and 30 extra challenging levels Explore the world and get a behind-the scenes look at airport life with 6 unique locations Master 18 mini games that cover every aspect of flying – from check-in to security checks, suitcases to passports, safety demonstrations to serving passengers Fasten your seatbelt for amazing, all-new cinematics Experience what it's like to be a real flight attendant - the ups and the downs Unfasten" Amber's diary and discover her secret thoughts as you earn game goals Customize Amber's diary by earning diamonds and make it your own with travel stickers and different covers ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/ambers-airlines---high-hopes ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  17. Rite of Passage: Heart of the Storm Collector's Edition Your mentor calls you, in need of urgent help. On your way to meet him, the sky turns supernaturally frightening! You'll soon discover that your beloved professor is dealing with a dangerous storm unlike anything he's ever witnessed. Can you uncover the dark secret swirling at the heart of this storm, or will lightning strike you down? Find out in this innovative hidden-object puzzle adventure game with tons of clever puzzles! Features Return to Ashen Rise in the bonus game for a new adventure! Test your skills with timed hidden-object puzzles! Earn achievements and find collectibles. Get help from the strategy guide. Unlock concept art and more bonus goodies! ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/rite-of-passage-heart-of-the-storm-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  18. Sable Maze: Soul Catcher Collector's Edition After 20 years, you've finally come to terms with the fact that your brother is gone for good. But when you return to the place where he went missing to pay your final respects, you find yourself pulled into a strange maze filled with spirits and shadows. Evidence of your brother litters your path, and you begin to wonder... Could he still be alive, somewhere in the maze? Track down the truth as you fight for your freedom in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Features Learn how Darren entered the maze in the bonus game Collect puzzle pieces to solve bonus wallpaper jigsaw puzzles Earn achievements, and collect character statuettes Tired of hidden objects? Play with Match-3 mode instead Relive your journey with concept art, soundtrack, and more ข้อมุลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/sable-maze-soul-catcher-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  19. Reflections of Life: Dark Architect Collector's Edition The fate of the worlds is uncertain now that a mysterious evil being and his monsters and spies are bent on destruction. With the help of your trusty owl companion, not to mention the powers of a magical amulet, it's up to you to discover the truth. Do you have what it takes to stop the villain before it's too late? Find out as you uncover a traitorous scheme, solving loads of silhouette, interactive, riddle, and other hidden-object scenes and special pop-up book-style mini-games. Features - Check out our Blog Walkthrough - Get the Strategy Guide! ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/reflections-of-life-dark-architect-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  20. Final Cut: Fade to Black Collector's Edition Your friend, Bernard, contacted you with an urgent cry for help... He's been investigating dirty dealings between two rival movie studios and suspects the film feud may soon turn deadly. But when you arrive to help him, you find that tragedy has already struck – your friend is dead. Follow the clues he left behind to continue his investigation and avenge his death. But stay on your guard – not everyone is who they seem in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game... including you! Features Dig deeper into the film studios' lethal rivalry Play new HOPs, Match-3s, and puzzles! Replay mini-games and puzzles from this title and past Final Cut games! Collect souvenirs, earn achievements, and unlock original music, wallpapers, videos, and more! Access the helpful Strategy Guide ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/final-cut-fade-to-black-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  21. The Curio Society: Eclipse over Mesina Collector's Edition Your newest job interview could be your last! After you're contacted by a mysterious secret organization called The Curio Society, you immediately head out into the field to prove yourself. But you soon realize you might be in a little over your head – an entire town has been overrun by living statues, controlled by an ancient sorcerer bent on power and destruction. Hey, no one said job interviews were easy, but if anyone's up to the task, it's you! Prove yourself worthy to join the Curio Society in this thrilling Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game! Features Enjoy another Curio Society adventure in the bonus game Collect spectacular treasures in the Relic Room Consult the handy Strategy Guide Boast your victories with multiple achievements Discover wallpapers, soundtrack, and more ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/the-curio-society-eclipse-over-mesina-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  22. Surface: Return to Another World Collector's Edition After receiving a worrying phone call from your mom, you return to your hometown of Lightfalls to investigate. But things aren’t quite as you remembered them – a strange device has risen from the nearby lake, and it’s causing the people of Lightfalls to disappear! A boy from your childhood seems to be behind it all, but can you stop his evil scheme before it’s too late? Journey to the magical world beneath the lake and save your family in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure! Features Follow in the footsteps of royalty in a new bonus game adventure! Collect hidden flowers and unlock achievements. Find exotic creature collectibles and add them to your collection. Access the comprehensive strategy guide. Includes wallpapers, concept art, soundtrack, and more! ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/surface-return-to-another-world-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  23. Beyond the Kingdom Collector's Edition Go beyond the kingdom and solve the riddle of an ancient pirate map Gather a team of brave heroes and go on an exciting journey through the route indicated on the ancient pirate map. The adventure promises to be not simple, after all, pirates go down the same path, destroying and burning everything in their way. Only real friendship and mutual assistance will be able to overcome any obstacles. Features Dozens of game objects to interact with A fascinating world to explore Lots of funny characters Unexpected ending ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/beyond-the-kingdom---collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  24. Gnomes Garden: Lost King Collector's Edition The princess of our fairytale kingdom grew up and got married long ago. But one day, her beloved husband went hunting and didn’t come back. He disappeared with his whole retinue. Where did he go? Go on an adventure through a world of secrets and mystical creatures in this exciting casual fantasy strategy game, Gnomes Garden: The Lost King. Settlers in trouble? Farm stopped bearing fruit? Puppies asking for too much food? Tribes suffering from a troll invasion? Play Caesar and use careful resource management and an unusual approach to help everyone! A bunch of quests, over 40 levels in four unique worlds – all this awaits you right now. Restore ancient buildings, collect magical harvests, carefully distribute resources. All this is the key to success. Simple controls and a helpful tutorial will allow you to easily grasp the game’s basics. If you get in a tough spot, don’t forget about the princess’s mighty magic! Gnomes Garden: The Lost King – find the king and return prosperity! Features An unusual magical world. Always keep in touch with the help of ancient dovecotes. An uplifting plot, colorful comics and memorable characters! A multitude of varied quests that the princess has never encountered before. New trophies. Over 40 unique levels. Treacherous enemies: cave trolls, angry hornets and… sheep.. A variety of locations and seasons: autumn, a beach, a desert and a swamp. Useful bonuses: speed up work, stop time and run fast. Simple controls and a helpful tutorial. Over 35 hours of exciting gameplay for any age. Pleasant themed music. ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/gnomes-garden---lost-king-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม
  25. Dark Dimensions: Shadow Pirouette Collector's Edition Try to escape a town filled with deadly, sentient shadows! Your college friend, Ashley, contacts you out of the blue, desperate for help. Someone – or something – has been following her, and the authorities won't listen. So you head to Everton to lend a hand... but you arrive to a city in chaos. Dangerous shadows have overrun the town, possessing living creatures and taking frightening forms. What's worse? They seem singularly focused on your friend! What has Ashley gotten herself into... and can you both escape in time? Dance with danger in this absorbing Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Features Break the evil spell in the bonus game Earn trophies, and reveal locked story elements Collect original art, wallpapers, and soundtracks Take a peek into the developer's diary Access the helpful and fun Strategy Guide ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม https://www.iwin.com/games/dark-dimensions-shadow-pirouette-collectors-edition ภาพตัวอย่างเกม